About Me

Hi👋, Nice to meet you!
I’m Vyshnav Gangadharan, a 23-year-old UI/UX Designer, Illustrator & Developer. I’m a self-taught UI/UX designer who loves Coding, Illustrating & creating 3D stuff.

I currently live in Kerala, India. I enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts. I love creating creative content, and you can find most of my works here. See what I’m doing now.

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Software Stack
FigmaFigma CronCron DaVinci ResolveDaVinci Resolve BlenderBlender DropboxDropbox ForestForest VS CodeVS Code SpotifySpotify EndelEndel Pocket CastsPocket Casts TodoistTodoist NotionNotion OBSOBS KindleKindle BitwardenBitwarden FirefoxFirefox
Design Skills
UI/UX Design Wireframing Prototyping Userflow Illustration Blender 3D Graphics Design Logo Design Motion Graphics
Coding Skills
HTML 5 CSS 3 Bootstrap Jekyll Sass Git
Side project - UI/UX & Code
Side project - UI/UX & Code
Side project - UI/UX & Code
Side project - Illustrations
Side project - UI/UX
UI/UX Designer(Intern)
Creative Head
2019 - 2020
TEDx NIT Calicut
Bachelor Degree
2017 - 2022
NIT Calicut, Chemical engineering