1. Be kind
  2. Take a 1-hour walk every day
  3. Keep learning, even when you think you’re an expert
  4. Invest in a quality mouse
  5. Take care of your mind
  6. Stay hungry, stay foolish
  7. Invest in a quality chair
  8. Don’t skip meals
  9. Use a wrist rest
  10. Keep a water bottle at your desk
  11. Experiment and have fun
  12. Take frequent stretch breaks
  13. Recreate a design
  14. Your worth is more than you think
  15. Practice empathy
  16. Make time for hobbies outside of design
  17. Don’t overuse colors
  18. Maintain good posture
  19. Don’t be afraid to iterate
  20. Always carry a pocket notebook & pen
  21. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just do the best you can (for you, your team, your people)
  22. Don’t compare yourself to others
  23. Spend a little time each day to learn something new
  24. Ask more questions
  25. Experiment and iterate
  26. Get comfortable with rejections
  27. Take care of your eyes
  28. Learn from others
  29. Get enough sleep
  30. Don’t overuse animations
  31. Go outside
  32. Embrace white space
  33. Stay curious
  34. Take weekends off
  35. Stay hydrated
  36. Don’t mess with sleep
  37. Take breaks often
  38. Don’t multitask
  39. Don’t wait for inspiration, just get up and do something
  40. Set yourself challenges
  41. Take a short nap
  42. Focus on one thing at a time
  43. Learn to code
  44. Be humble
  45. Always make sure to test your work in different browsers & devices
  46. Never stop learning
  47. The simplest solution is usually the best one
  48. Work on something you’re passionate about
  49. Always push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do something you wouldn’t normally do, experiment & try new things
  50. When working on UI, it’s best to avoid font weights below 400
  51. Help other designers