Can Money Buy Happiness?💷

13 January 2021

This is a must-watch video for people who think that they will be happy😊 when they have more money💵. Money can only make you happy up to a certain point📈. After that point, your happiness will become constant. For more details on this, watch this video📺 where Ali explains this in detail.

Happy New Year 2021🎉

31 December 2020

Cheers to a new year!🍻 alt text


23 December 2020

Success means successful living. When you are peaceful, happy, joyous, and doing what you love to do, you are successful.

Dr. Joseph Murphy (The Power of your subconscious mind)

Why You Have Buyers Remorse💵

15 December 2020


Trip to Beach🏖️

29 November 2020

After a long time, I visited the beach🌊 today, and it was a great experience. The trip 🚗 was so refreshing to the mind🧠. It is always necessary to sometimes take a break and spend some time with nature 🍃 without any digital distractions📱.

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Can the Blind Be Graphic Designers? | Natalie Gagnon | TEDxEmilyCarrU 📺

25 November 2020


Today will be a Wonderful Day🌅

14 November 2020

I hope you are doing good 👋.

I just finished reading the book📕 “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind🧠 by Dr. Joseph Murphy.” The book notes🗒️ are coming soon. After reading it, I want to share something with you guys. While waking up in the morning☀️, say these words in your mind, “Today will be a wonderful day.” Saying it will make your day wonderful because it is a suggestion you are giving to your subconscious mind🧠, and your subconscious mind will accept everything you suggest to it without any argument and make it true. Doing this every day will have a significant impact on your life. I did this for a month📅, and the results are excellent✨.

Have a great day.

Stay home🏠, stay safe🧼😷👬

Update 🎉

07 November 2020

I hope you guys are doing good 👋.

Welcome 🥳 to my Microblog. Stuff that is too short for a blog post🖊️ goes here. It is like social media📱, where I will post some updates and other small and easy stuff to read📘. I read so many articles about Microblogs and learned how it is a great place to share thoughts💭 and ideas💡. Here I can post anything, and there is no fear of how many likes❤️ I will get or how people will react to the post. This will also help me reduce social media use, which is the main reason for starting this Microblog. This page is a part of a new update on the website🌐. More details on that coming soon. Until then

Stay home🏠, stay safe🧼😷