How I’m Getting Richer Every Day💸


“Money isn’t making that much difference in how you and I live. We’re both going down to the cafeteria for lunch and working every day and having a good time. So don’t worry about money, because it won’t make much difference in how you live.”

  • Benjamin Graham

Enjoy your simple life, save your money, invest it wisely, and don’t lose your money. That’s how you get richer every day.

Don’t spend your money on things that don’t give you lasting benefits.

Never spend more than you earn.

What’s the purpose of investing? To me, it’s not about making money. It’s about building wealth. And those two things are very different. I invest for my retirement. That’s about my future.

That’s the biggest mistake people make. They rely on one income stream. And even if you have a job, there is no excuse to only rely on your employer for 100% of the money you earn.

You need income. Everybody dreams of having passive income but that’s only the second stage of your financial strategy. First, you make money, and then, you invest it. And after that, money itself will take care of the rest.

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