Buy me a Coffee, Review

Buy me a Coffee, Review

For people who don’t know me, I am a creative person who drinks coffee more than water. And it’s that coffee that helps me create some awesome works for people. And as coffee is more expensive than water, it is tough for me to drink it. That is why I created a Buy me a Coffee account so that people who are very kind can buy me some coffees.

❗Note: BMC = Buy me a Coffee

Why I shifted from Patreon

The supporter needs to make an account in Patreon for payment, but for BMC, you just need to enter the payment details. This was the main reason I shifted to BMC. Because the extra friction to create an account for a supporter for paying makes it difficult for creators to earn money. And here is a comparison between BMC and Patreon.

Source: Buy me a Coffee Website
Source: Buy me a Coffee Website

Features I like in BMC

The most liked feature is the ability to add the widget on every page of my website just by adding a single code. Supporters can buy coffees directly from the widget. I also like the ability to see my page’s stats. BMC also supports a wide range of payment options.


BMC is absolutely free to use, and they charge only 5% of what you receive from the supporter, which is significantly less compared to other services.

My plans

I plan to create more supporters-related content like wallpapers, newsletters, and early access to my products. And for big supporters, I plan to provide custom social media banners, custom profile pictures, early access to my blog posts, and beta access to my products. So if you are still not my supporter, then you are missing a lot of great stuff.

Buy me a Coffee


I love BMC, and I am planning to create more supporters related content. I love how easy it is to support your favorite creator through this platform. If you are a creator and looking for an excellent platform for getting your supporters, I highly recommend you check BMC. You can click the below link to get started with BMC.

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