Interview With Zheano

Interview With Zheano

Zan is the creator of Zheano Blog. I have been reading his articles and using his wallpapers for years. His Digi View Wallpaper is one of my favourites. He is the one who inspired me to start my blog. Today I’m so excited about getting this opportunity to interview him.


So let’s start. Who are you, and what do you do?

First I would like to thank you for having me on your blog. Although it might not seem I follow and enjoy content from many different creators, including you. I’m a huge fan of your work and I love reading your book notes and articles about productivity. Keep up the good work.

My name is Zan, but most people know me under the @Zheano tag on Twitter. I’m the creator of Zheano Blog, where I mostly write about design, tech, and the internet. My day job is at a small software company where I work as a developer. I also host my podcast about technology and mental health called The Pulldown.

Why did you start Zheano Blog? Or what was your inspiration behind Zheano Blog?

I wanted to start designing and publish my designs somewhere. I’ve realized that having my blog might be a good idea so I’ve created Zheano Blog. Over the years Zheano Blog changed its form, content, and design quite a few times.

Honestly, I love learning, writing, and designing - Zheano Blog fits that perfectly. I feel inspired especially when I get excited about a new software tool or a new leak about an upcoming product. I love writing about tech in general.

Is there a team behind ZheanoBlog?

I love Zheano Blog and it took me a lot of time and work to be where it is today. However, Zheano Blog wouldn’t be here without my team. You must know Andrei, a longtime contributor, and creator of some of the most stunning Zheano Blog exclusive wallpapers. Icarus just recently joined the team with his amazing 3D recreations of Android 12 UI elements.

There’s also Justin Kruit, the invisible force behind Zheano Blog who has helped me with some technical problems over the years. He is an amazing guy, a great engineer, and a wonderful friend. Without him, Zheano Blog probably wouldn’t be online today.

How do you come up with ideas, and what is your writing process?

I mostly write about things I’m interested in. I don’t think I would write on Zheano Blog if I couldn’t write about things I feel passionate about. When I want to write a new article I ask myself a few questions:

  • What’s something I want to read about right now?
  • What’s currently being talked about?
  • What’s something I want to share with my readers?

These questions help me better define my ideas. When I see something on Twitter or Reddit I always think if I can write an article about it. When I find something interesting I almost instantly know if it’s a good idea to post it on Zheano Blog.

Writing or designing, which one do you enjoy the most and why?

I think designing and writing are very similar and go hand in hand. You can’t be a good designer if you can’t express your ideas well, the same applies to writing. If I had to pick I would choose to design since I sometimes do judge a book by its cover.

You have written a lot of articles related to privacy. What are your views and thoughts on privacy?

Privacy is getting more and more attention, but I think it’s still too hard for an average person to be private. Most people still don’t know how well internet companies and governments can track our lives and collect our data. The more the technology advances the more that data could be used against us, and it will be. I think privacy is a huge problem and currently, there’s no quick solution in sight.

Which is your favorite article that you have written? And why?

Every time I post an article it feels like it’s my new favorite. I don’t think I can pick my favorite post. I have so much fun with all of them. I enjoyed writing Redesigned iOS 15 Icons – Interview With The Designer since it encapsulates everything I love about blogging. Interviewing the designer, stating my opinion, collecting information, and showcasing amazing design work.

You have created a lot of awesome wallpapers. Which one is your favorite? And which wallpaper are you currently using on your smartphone and pc?

This is the hardest question to answer. I think I’m improving with every new wallpaper I design. One of my favorite wallpapers I ever designed must be Quite Pink Wallpaper. It features simple pastel colors with clear lines and added texture.

On my smartphone, I currently use Deep Sea Wallpaper and on my laptop, I use this wallpaper by Daniel Born.

I have seen your home screen setup a lot, but I have never seen your desk setup. What does your desk look like, and what gadgets do you use?

I showed my home screen on my Twitter and it has not changed much. I might do a full computer setup tour on my blog in the future. My desk is usually quite messy and I’m not sure if I want to share it at this point.

If you’re interested in my future desk setup article I suggest subscribing to Zheano Letter, my monthly tech newsletter for free.

As a content creator, what advice do you like to give to others who are just starting up?

Create something you like creating and be persistent. Find your community, collaborate, and don’t expect things to happen overnight.

What kind of content can we expect from you in the future?

I think I will keep writing and creating for Zheano Blog. Now I also have a new tech podcast called The Pulldown, which I’m super excited about. In the future, there will be more wallpapers, articles, interviews, designs, and more.

Thank you for having me on your blog. It was a pleasure answering these questions. Keep up the good work.


Zheano is one of my favourite creators. Thank you Zheano, for taking the time to answer these questions. Hope to see many more amazing articles and wallpapers from you. Keep up your fantastic work. You can follow his work here.

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