Do Epic Shit

Do Epic Shit

Success (and Failure)

  • A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

  • Time goes away and leaves us with only one of these two things: regret or results.

  • How we think of our problems is how the world will think of our problems.

  • You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do.

  • Commitments are nothing if not backed up with actions.

  • Luck happens to those that make things happen.

  • Persistence isn’t a one-day miracle. It is a conscious choice translated into habit.

  • We have just one life. Why live it with just one identity?

  • Consistency + Authenticity is the magic formula to crack the content game.

  • The world will constantly be defining success and failure for you. Realizing this is what is called self-awareness.

  • Success is a relationship you have with your own self.

  • If you are unhappy with where you are in life right now, do not wait to find out what you should be doing. Move out of where you are in life!

  • Moving out doesn’t mean quitting what you have. It means giving yourself the space to explore other things.

  • Don’t measure how valuable you are by the way you are treated.

  • Whatever you are feeling today will fade away.

  • What you think is the worst thing in your life isn’t the worst thing.

  • Most sports are not played on the field. They are played in the mind!

  • The biggest roadblock to learning is ego!

  • To know what you don’t know is power. To ask and learn what you don’t know is a superpower.

  • Don’t get comfortable.

  • You don’t find your passion. You grow your passion!

  • Passion is showing up to do the work, no matter how good you’re at it already.

  • We were ALL born with the innate ability to ask questions. Endlessly. And then school and parents kill it!

  • Once you succeed, people see only success. If you fail, they see only failure. They don’t see the journey. Only you do. It is on this journey that your life was lived!

  • If you often worry about what people will think of you, you will often end up doing what people want you to do.

  • Fighting the stereotype is a great way to get attention!

  • There is temporary discomfort in doing the unconventional. There is permanent discomfort in living life as a template.

  • Just because you are good at something doesn’t automatically ensure you are happy doing it.

  • It is not what you do but who you are underneath that defines you.

  • An excuse is the distance between who you are and who you wish to be.

  • If your happiness depends on external validation, then your happiness depends on something you do not control.

  • If you do not have the money to pay for something right now, you DO NOT have the money.

  • Listening to someone without judgement or prescription is the most precious gift you can give someone.

  • If you do not have a plan, you do not have any chance of getting anywhere. To not have a plan and be okay with it is the best plan.

  • Avoiding the comfort trap is the difference between who you are and who you could have been.

  • Meet as many people as you can, do as many jobs as you can, explore as many streams as you can. Find out what you are good at and what makes you happy.

‘I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer.’– Jim Carrey

  • It is only when both parents contribute in raising their child that they keep their partnership alive.

  • Treating our lifestyle standards as a measure of our success is a sign of failure.


  • The trick to waking up early is not waking up early. It is sleeping on time!

  • Curiosity has created more opportunities than hard work ever will.

  • Before you assume, try this crazy thing. ASK!

  • The things that are easy to do are also the things that are easy to ignore.

  • Reading books will not make you smart. Watching motivational videos will not make you driven. Writing will not make your thoughts clearer. We are not shaped by these things. We are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves.

  • Thoughts are powerful, when they are converted into actions. Without action, they are simply broken promises.

  • Optimize for learning, not salary. Optimize for progress, not stability. Optimize for facing fears, not for comfort.

  • In a society that is obsessed with hard work and career success, seeking boredom is an act of rebellion.

  • My mind’s energy should be spent in thinking. Not remembering!


  • If everyone did it, it wouldn’t need to be said.

  • Most of my decisions in life were not made because of my confidence in the decision. They were made because of my awareness of the situation.

  • Emotional debt has killed more people than financial debt ever will.

  • If unsure between two choices, picking both is almost always the wrong response.

  • Being calm is a skill.

  • Being calm despite the storm is a powerful skill.

  • Fear has led to more procrastination than laziness ever will.

  • Your self-talk determines your self-worth.

  • Not making a decision because you are scared of making the wrong decision? If you don’t move, you would’ve already made the wrong decision.

  • When you make a decision, you will either succeed. Or you won’t. When you succeed, you will know how life works. When you won’t, you will learn a life-altering lesson.

  • Movement brings momentum. Stagnation amplifies sadness.

  • Most decisions in life are reversible. But we assume they are set in stone. The second we think decisions are reversible, we start giving serendipity a chance!

  • If you are authentic, if you are truly yourself all the time –you don’t have any competition! No one can ever beat you at being you!

  • It is better to be busy in the chase of finding yourself instead of being busy in the rat race and never know yourself.

  • Comparing yourself to others is the biggest waste of time.

  • You will be rewarded instantly for doing the easy thing. You will be rewarded eventually for doing the right thing.

  • We aren’t addicted to things. We are addicted to the emotions that these things generate!

  • Don’t go to college just looking for a job, a title, a company, a function, a role, a salary. Go to college looking for yourself. ‘What am I good at?’‘What makes me happy?’

  • We always have choices. No one’s ever stuck. We are just scared to make those choices.

  • Safe is better than sorry. Nope. Risk is better than regret.

  • You don’t control what the world says about you. You control what YOU say when the world says something about you.

  • The hardest thing in the world is telling yourself that it’s not hard at all.

  • If you are scared of losing You have already lost!

  • If you don’t try because you are scared of losing, you have put in motion the input of losing.

  • Our power to imagine is both a strength and a weakness.

  • Being grateful in life for what you have is precious.

  • To not have a plan and be okay with it is the best plan. It will take everything to get to that point.

  • The easiest way to learn from mistakes is to read books. The next option is to commit them yourself.

  • Resisting the obvious is a great way to change your orbit. If you do what everyone else will do, you will end up like everyone else.

  • Only when you go against the flow will you find your own flow.

  • Working out teaches you discipline and patience like few other things do.

  • You can’t buy a fit body. You can’t get fit overnight. You can’t cheat to get to a fit body. You can’t ride on someone else to get a fit body. You can’t blame anybody for not being fit. Neither can you ask someone to get fit on your behalf. It is only going to happen if you show up every day. And be patient.


  • Entrepreneurship is not a profession. It’s a state of mind.

  • Congratulating an entrepreneur on raising funds is like congratulating a chef on buying vegetables.

  • Compounding is the biggest miracle of life.

  • Your success as a founder depend on how close you are able to get people to their solutions.

  • Attitude compensates for skills. Skills never compensate for attitude.

  • The toughest skill as a leader is to be calm during the toughest moments.

  • The three worst reasons to become an entrepreneur:
    1. I want to make money
    2. I hate my current job
    3. Everyone is doing it
  • A great leader should be replaceable when it comes to their tasks and actions. And irreplaceable when it comes to their thoughts and vision.


  • The right time to start investing was when you turned 18. The next best time is TODAY.

  • Money gives you freedom. Freedom is a privilege. But the minute we run after money we are not free any more.

  • Money is simply a medium of transaction. When it becomes an emotion, that is when it consumes us. And that is true for all things in life!

  • It is not how much you earn in a job that determines your net worth. It is how much do you own of what makes money for you, even when you are sleeping.


  • When we hold a grudge against someone, we do the same thing they did to us: hurt us. They hurt us once. We hurt ourselves 100x by repeating it in our head.

  • Every problem in this world can be traced back to a point of miscommunication.

  • There is a big difference between saying thank you and feeling thankful.

  • Nothing teaches you better than teaching others.

  • Your kindness might cause you pain, a sense of betrayal, heartburn. Be kind anyway.

  • Sympathy: I feel sorry for you. Empathy: I can understand what you must be going through. Respect: I admire the way you are handling this.

  • Respect » Empathy » Sympathy

  • No one is useless. Everyone knows something you don’t.

  • By not appreciating someone for their vulnerability and truth, all we do is encourage lying.

  • True respect is when you respect someone even after you’ve got to know them.

  • Respect doesn’t come from the title. It comes from conduct.

  • It takes effort to find love. It takes effort to feel fulfilled. It takes effort to be fit. It takes effort to be happy. Which is why most of us do not have love, fulfilment, happiness or fitness in our life.

  • People who are loved the most, are the ones who BELIEVE that they are worthy of love.

  • We don’t have to agree with each other as long as we understand each other.

  • Who you decide to spend your life with. One of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Don’t take it lightly.

  • Whenever someone says ‘You will never know how I am feeling’, remind yourself that they are telling you life’s most fundamental truth.

  • Your true friends are those who are TRULY happy for you when you succeed. Be that true friend for others.

  • How we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. It is rare, almost impossible, for a mean, conniving, hurtful, racist, bigoted person to truly love themselves.

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