My Task Management System

My Task Management System

The most important part of a productivity system is a to-do manager, and in this article, I will show you how I manage my tasks.

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I am an Engineering student & Freelancer. Also, I have to manage the contents of this website. Managing all of this is a difficult job to do. So I have made a task management system for dealing with this. You can take inspiration from how I manage my to-do list and implement them in your way.

Tools I Use

  • Pocket Notebook
  • TapTap App
  • Todoist
  • Todoist for Firefox
  • Todoist for Gmail

How I use these Tools

Todoist Workflow

Pocket Notebook

I use this as my Inbox. There is a step called Capture in GTD Method, and this notebook serves that purpose. I find this a faster method for clearing my mind so that I can deal with it later. This is how it looks like

Pocket Notebook

First, I will write the date on top and then write all tasks, notes, events, and ideas that come to my mind while doing some work. Everything is sorted by keys.

The reason why I’m using a notebook instead of a smartphone is that notebook is easy to use, and the friction between having an idea and writing it down on paper is less compared to doing it on a smartphone. Also, I don’t particularly appreciate keeping my smartphone next to me while doing works, so I prefer this method.

After writing it down in the notebook, I will review everything and then move things I need to take action into Todoist.


This Android app lets you map your back taps to run a specific action like opening a camera or turning on the flashlight.


I use this app to add tasks to my Todoist form anywhere on my smartphone.

For example, while watching YouTube, reading articles, or browsing social media, whenever something comes to my mind like an Idea or a task to do, I can just instantly double-tap the back of my phone and quickly add that to my Todoist Inbox.

You can download the app from here

Todoist for Browser

Whenever I come across some interesting articles, design inspirations, or webpages linked to my project, I use this handy browser extension by Todoist to add it to my Inbox.

These will then be sorted according to their purpose.

Todoist for Gmail

Todoist for Gmail

This is a Gmail add-on made by Todoist for managing your emails. This makes it easier to organize my emails and reach Inbox Zero. It works on both the web and smartphone. Todoist provides add-on to Outlook also.


This service lets you automate everything. I use it along with Todoist for adding my GitHub Issues and Goodreads To read to my to-do list.

Automating the process of adding tasks to your to-do list saves a lot of time.


The only task manager I use and the best to-do manager out there. The biggest reason why I use Todoist is that it is available on all platforms. Adding tasks is really simple because of its natural language processing.

First, All the tasks in the Inbox go through a clarifying stage. In this stage, unwanted tasks get deleted.

Eisenhower Matrix

Next, the tasks are organized into projects, and its given priority based on Eisenhower Matrix.

All tasks are sorted by the end of the day to make it easier for me to start working on them the next day.

Some projects have Google Calendar integration. This helps me to plan things like Upcoming events, Blog posts, Book notes, etc.

Google Calendar integration


Having a to-do manager like Todoist doesn’t mean you will become more productive. Instead, you have to implement a system that works for you. The system should be easy to set up and maintain. You can use any to-do manager of your choice.

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