Bedtime Mode

Bedtime Mode


This article is something that everyone should read. I know everyone is facing this issue of not getting sleep or not getting adequate sleep, which is why most people feel tired in the morning and unable to do work. And now, everyone is working from home. I think many people will find this article useful. And don’t believe that this problem is faced only by working people. Even students face this issue. I have seen many of my friends sleeping late at night watching movies, playing games, and unable to attend the classes. Some of them come to class and sleep form there ( ya, I also did the same). In this article, I will share some tips and methods for creating a proper Bedtime routine so that you can have a great sleep.

1. Create an Alarm one hour before the bed

After this alarm goes off, stop all the work you have been doing. And then brush your teeth. It will allow your body to drift to sleep slowly. I recommend using Google Clock app for this as it has a dedicated bedtime feature that will notify you one hour before bedtime and helps you create a proper bedtime routine.

2. Don’t use smartphones

This is the most important thing. Try to avoid your smartphone before bed unless it is very urgent. If it is urgent, I recommend you turn on the Blue Light filter so that your sleep will not be affected. The blue light from smartphones and other gadgets do great harm to your sleep. It affects the internal clock of your body called the circadian rhythm. And most importantly, never use social media, as social media apps are designed in such a way that you never feel tired using it. Use some app blocker to reduce the time and to avoid using it at night. Android users have a feature called Digital Wellbeing, which has dedicated Wind Down mode where your displays turn black and white. Then Turn on Do Not Disturb mode and keep your phone away from your bed.

3. Don’t drink caffeinated content

Avoid drinking coffee and other caffeinated contents six hours before bed as the effect of caffeine stays in your body for at least six hours after drinking it. So instead, drink plain water or milk, which helps your brain to relax. Also, avoid drinking alcohol before bed as it dehydrates your body.

4. Dim the lights

Dimming the lights makes your brain think that it is night time, so it will start to relax, and this will help you get sleep faster. If you are staying with your friends and they don’t let you turn off the lights, I recommend using an eye mask.

5. Read Books

Read some self-help books before going to bed, as it doesn’t affect your eyes. It helps you reduce stress and helps you get better sleep, and make your brain more healthy.

6. Meditation

It reduces stress and helps to get inner peace. When done before bed, it helps your mind and body relax completely, thus getting great quality sleep.

7. Write things on Paper

Writing will help you to clear your mind before bed. Write whatever things come to your mind while sleeping. It will help you to sleep better. Write about things you want to do tomorrow or write about today. This will give a good clarity of what you want to do. This also helps in reducing stress.

Sleep debt

I have seen many of my friends staying late at night studying or watching movies saying that I will sleep more during the weekend to balance the sleep. Actually, there is no such thing like you lost three hours of sleep yesterday, and today you will sleep three hours extra. Sleep doesn’t work that way. If you lost sleep, you will have to face the consequences, as not sleeping the recommend hours will affect you for many days.


Sleep is such an essential thing in your life. Not getting enough sleep will affect you badly. I have seen many people think sleep is a silly thing; actually, you should take sleep seriously because sleep deficiency will have terrible health effects. Try to sleep the recommended hours daily. I will write another article about the side effects of not sleeping soon.

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