How to Read More Books?

How to Read More Books?

Reading books is the best thing I have done in my life, and I feel proud. It has taught me many things. I read only two books in 2019, and I read 28 books in 2020. And in this article, I will show you how to read more books.

1. Treat books like a blog post

This is a tip that I got from the Youtuber Ali Abdaal. When you feel bored or don’t find the book interesting, feel free to skip that book. Don’t feel guilty about not reading the book entirely.

2. Make a daily habit

Read 1-5 pages every day, and slowly increase this number. Or you can read for 10 minutes daily and slowly increase it by 1 minute every day.

3. Reduce Friction

When you reduce friction, it will become easier for you to read books daily. You can use the following steps to reduce it.

  • You can install the Kindle app or other e-reader app on your smartphone. So when you feel like reading a book, you can instantly use your phone to read it.
  • You can keep the book you are reading near your bedside or near your work area.
  • When you feel a book is not interesting, stop reading that book immediately and switch to another book.
4. Read small books

Start by reading small books, the feeling of finishing a book will give you the momentum for reading more books.

5. Gamify reading

Create an account in Goodreads and take up the challenge of reading a certain number of books per year.

6. Use Kindle

It is easier to read and take notes by using kindle. I prefer using kindle because it reduces the friction of reading a book. Using a kindle app on my smartphone has helped me to read more.

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