How I build my Habits?

How I build my Habits?

You might have heard about habit tracking, but habit building is different. Here you only track a single habit for an entire month. You can also add a reward for successfully building a habit. And this is a simple template for tracking it.

A new year is coming, and you might have already planned to build many good habits. But the issue is a lot of people work on multiple habits at once. At first, this is easy because you have a lot of enthusiasm in the first week of starting a habit. But later, this becomes hard, and people give up.

As author Derek Sivers said in his book How to Live

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is harder. Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.

Building a single habit is a lot better than multiple habits. This is the same concept Netflix filmmaker, YouTuber & entrepreneur Matt D’Avella uses. I have been using this concept to build my habits, and I successfully did it. So I thought of sharing this Notion template and PDF with you.

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Remember, take it slowly. And never miss two days in a row. And don’t feel bad about yourself if you skipped a few days, it’s okay.

The template and PDF are FREE. You can get it from my Buy Me a Coffee page or click the below links to get your copy.

Duplicate Template Download PDF

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