What's on my Smartphone?

What's on my Smartphone?


This is what my setup looks like. The apps which you see on my home screen are my most used apps, these are the applications that I use almost all day. Most of them are productivity apps and it helps me to be more productive. Thanks to all the developers who are behind these apps. Usually, I don’t use social media that much. And I’m trying to post more content there.

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Launcher & Widgets

The launcher which I’m using is Lawnchair Launcher. Which is the best launcher which you can find in the Play store which is near to Pixel Launcher and it offers more than that, for me, this is the best Launcher which is free and provides all the features which a paid launcher give. The widgets I am using one is from the Instinct for KWGT Pack which is a recently released pack that is free and provides a great collection of awesome widgets. And the other one is a custom made widget by me.


The wallpaper is from Resplash & Walli app.


These are the apps that I use the most. These apps make my daily life more productive and easier. alt text

Twitter - As you all know Twitter is one of the best social media apps and I use it regularly for news about tech and seeing the work of other people. If you are not following me there please follow me.

Spotify - It’s my go-to music player. I like the UI of this, it’s so minimal and straight forward. Navigation is very easy and combining this app with Shazam helps me to find all the music & songs.

Habitfy - It is my most favorite habit tracking app, it supports all the platforms. It is the best habit tracking app with a great UI and easy to use interface, it even has a dark mode.

Google Keep - It is the best minimalist note-taking app that I use most of the time because of its ease of use.

Google Play Store - I don’t think you guys need an introduction for this app.

YouTube - It is my most used app for media consumption and I use it almost all day for learning new things, listing to Interviews, watching web series and more.

Google Drive - It is my cloud storage app of choice and most of my documents, photos and College documents are stored here and as a college student I have unlimited storage access.

Google Calendar - It is the best calendar app. And it has all the features that I need. It helps me to plan my day.

Pocket Cast - For guys those who love listing to the podcast I highly recommend this app. This is one of the best podcast apps in the world and has a ton of awesome features that other podcast apps can’t provide. It has one of the best UI. I highly recommend this app.

Todoist - It is my favorite To-Do app. It has a great UI and natural language processing feature and adding tasks to this app is very easy. And it has a great project management feature.

Notion - I have no words for this app. It’s a mind-blowing app which is the combination of many premium apps. It is for students. It is the all in one productivity application and supports all the platforms. It is the best productivity application in the world.

Games - Usually I don’t play games that much but when I get bored I play Airline commander and Clash of Clans.

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