What's on My Phone June 2020!

What's on My Phone June 2020!


Hi Guys, I hope you enjoyed the last article. This time I am writing about how my smartphone setup has changed during the quarantine. I hope all of you are safe.


A lot has changed from my previous configuration. This time no social media apps on the home screen. More about that in the upcoming article. This time I minimized the number of apps on my home screen. And also, it is a two-page setup. The app you see on the home screen are my most used apps, and apps on the second page are my second most-used app.


It contains Phone, Camera, Google Chrome, Gmail, and Google Keep quick note shortcut (Read this article for creating one).

First Page

alt text

The launcher I am using is the stock OnePlus launcher. Which does the job, and also it is close to the stock android launcher. The icon pack is Candycons Unwrapped, and the wallpaper is from Zheano Blog. The date widget is from OnePlus.


It is the best productivity app. It replaced many of my productivity apps. If you are a productivity nerd, then I don’t think you need an introduction to this app. It is an all in one workspace tool. It can manage everything.


It is my todo app of choice. I have tried many todo application in the past but always end up using this. It has a great UI, theme support, great widget, and multi-platform support.


I recently came across this app, and it’s incredible. It is a white noise generator app. it has a fantastic UI and timer feature. And has multi-platform support. It helps me to concentrate while I am doing work or studying.


I love to listen to music, and it helps me to lift my mood. I also listen to music while studying or doing work. And Spotify is my go-to app. I didn’t find any app that can replace it. It has all the songs I want and podcast support.



If you want to focus on something with some fun, then this is the app. The timer starts by planting a seed, and if you close the app, the plant will die. Growing a tree makes me focus on my work. And also, the premium app lets you plant real trees. It has multi-platform support.


It is the best habit tracking app for android. It helps me keep track of all my habits. The streak feature makes me complete my habits daily without breaking. It has an excellent UI.

Google Calendar

It is the regular calendar app from Google and has all the features I need. I always plan my daily task and upcoming events using this. Todoist integration with this makes planning a lot easier.


It helps me to keep track of all the books I am reading.

Second Page

alt text


The calendar widget came from Exquigets for KWGT, and it has edited a bit. I love the minimal design. And also it fits the wallpaper well.


Pocket Casts

It is my podcast app of choice and even one of the best podcast app for android. The UI is so good that you will listen to more podcasts than usual. And it also has a ton of features, and it makes listening to podcast a lot easier. You can even upload your file and listen to it.


I recently came across this, it contains summaries from the best self-help articles. It converts a self-help article to small points, which will make them easier to read. Now I read more articles than usual.


If you are a book reader, then you should use this app. It is the goto place for all readers. It helps you keep track of all the books you have read and currently reading and also gives you recommendations for what to read next. You can also follow your favorite authors here. It is a social media app for readers.


I don’t think you need a description for this app. I use it for entertainment and also for learning new things.


I love the current setup. Less app means minimum distraction, and it helps me to work on what matters most. Thanks for reading this, many more articles are coming. Stay safe

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